#SpiritoArtigiano, Confartigianato lands on TikTok to tell the story of made in Italy

#SpiritoArtigiano, Confartigianato lands on TikTok to tell the story of made in Italy

Large online platforms, e-commerce portals or social networks, Am I good or bad? In particular: can Amazon and eBay be a help for even small businesses, or do they really "destroy the social fabric of our cities"? What about apps like Facebook and Instagram? What about TikTok? It's a weapon of the Chinese government to spy on us, as some politicians in the United States thinkin Europe and also in Italyor can it be a resource for our economy?

The recent agreement between the ByteDance social network and Confartigianatoannounced in Rome on the occasion of the annual convention of young entrepreneurs who are part of the association, seems decidedly inclined towards answer number two.

The data

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TikTok becomes a showcase for made in Italy

As explained, the partnership will offer Italian artisans "new digital communication tools"which should intentionally enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the many trades which, with their creations and products, are "the visiting card of Italian excellence in the world".

On TikTok it was a created the hashtag #SpiritoArtigianowhich is already active and can already be used, and a specific section will be created to collect all the information and especially all the videos dedicated to the artisan realities of our country, who will thus be able to take advantage of an enormous showcase, made up of over one billion subscribers worldwide (of which 150 million in Europe), to make themselves known and also do business

That's not all, because the idea is also to create a sort of digital Academy for Artisans: over the next few months, a selection of young creators (the first being Daniele Amato, Valentina Colnago, Beatrice Rinaldi and Maestri Ciccone) will travel from North to South and will organize workshops with the artisans both to introduce them to the use of TikTok and (let's imagine ) to make videos together with them. In this way, Italian artisans will be able to to discover or rediscover trades to be protectedbring the new generations closer together, create new job and business opportunities.

As can be understood, the intention behind the project is to offer all members of Confartigianato the opportunity to use TikTok as a virtual showcase in which to tell the manufacturing excellence, the uniqueness of their products and even a little backstage of often little-known trades, but "priceless heritage of Made in Italy".

The analysis

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Bringing craftsmanship to the youngest

Vincent Mamoli, general secretary of Confartigianatorecalled that "digitization is an enabling factor to enhance the artisan value of the products and services created by our companies" and that "the partnership with TikTok fits into our strategy of accompanying entrepreneurs to the digital transformation aimed at offering visibility to excellence of the country's productive culture".

Not only that: “It is also an opportunity for make young people discover crafts and small businessesa world of success stories and extraordinary know-how, in which the new generations can find the opportunity to express their talent, passions and skills, even becoming entrepreneurs”.

For your part, Luana Lavecchia, head of TikTok's institutional relations, reiterated that the platform "is a great showcase for craftsmanship and made in Italy" and that already "many Italian artisans use it to promote content through a new and authentic language, capable of bringing the community closer to the discovery of new trades and unique skills in the world”. The idea is that #SpiritoArtigiano represents "the natural evolution of TikTok Italia's commitment to support of artisans and micro and small enterprises of our country". That it is a useful tool, net of the shooting and the positions taken by some politicians.


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