Because the propeller blades in the sea of ​​Moby Dick are a breakthrough

Because the propeller blades in the sea of ​​Moby Dick are a breakthrough


It is a piece of ocean loaded with memories of Melville and the Kennedys. These are the waters of whaling ships chasing Moby Dick and America’s most exclusive vacationers. And now they also become the site of the first American wind farm: 62 gigantic wind turbines that represent the vanguard of a potential boom that aims to transform the Atlantic coast of the United States into a replica of the European North Sea. The first gigantic pilings were installed on the seabed 24 kilometers off the island of Martha’s Vineyard. They will be used to support the 62 260-metre-high turbines which will be ready to operate from summer 2024. America has wind turbines scattered here and there on the mainland and has also tested along the coasts, but the gigantic wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts is an absolute novelty. Vineyard Wind, as the $4 billion project is dubbed, will generate 800 megawatts of electricity and power 400,000 homes, as well as employ large numbers of people in an area that usually only comes alive in the summer. If things work out as planned, it will be only the first in a series of similar projects that aim to create an alternative to fossil fuels in an America that, with the Biden administration, has taken the path of decarbonization with conviction.

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