the proposal goes to the classroom -

the proposal goes to the classroom -

The announcement in the work commission of the group leader Rizzetto. The discussion will begin on Thursday in Montecitorio

The bill on the minimum wage presented by the oppositions will go directly to the examination of the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday. In the Labor commission in the Chamber, the president Valter Rizzetto (FdI) in fact proposed not to vote on the amendments presented, and therefore also on the entirely suppressive proposal of the centre-right. We go to the Chamber with the basic text of the opposition, underlines the dem Arturo Scotto -. our victory, the right chases us.

However, for days there had been attempts at dialogue between the majority and the opposition on a matter that involves the fate of at least 3 million precarious workers. Yes to dialogue, even if the left is only now discovering the problem, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had announced.

The starting point is therefore the proposal signed by all the oppositions (with the exception of Italia Viva) which provides for an hourly wage established by law of 9 euros. Initially, the parties supporting the government had announced an amendment in committee that would have suppressed the proposal altogether. Then the wall against the wall gave way to the thaw. At first, the majority had suggested postponing the discussion to September, mediation rejected for the sender by Pd and M5S.

Now the announcement that the 9 euro solution will not be immediately suppressed seems to herald a desire for dialogue. Test case will now be the debate in the classroom.

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July 25, 2023 (change July 25, 2023 | 21:40)

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