Text-only posts like on Twitter: the new idea of ​​TikTok (also in Italy)

Text-only posts like on Twitter: the new idea of ​​TikTok (also in Italy)

From texts to photos, up to videos and then back to lyrics again: in a sort of loop, social networks not only continue to chase each other but also somehow go back to where they started from. They return to the words.

And so, while Instagram copies Twitter (which by the way is no longer called Twitter) with Threads, a platform on which texts play a fundamental role, TikTok follows in the footsteps of Threads, which in turn had followed Twitter (which is no longer Twitter). Giving everyone the ability to create posts of only words.

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How to use texts on TikTok

The news, announced yesterday and already available even in Italy, it allows you to publish only texts. Which for a platform born to make videos, is definitely an epochal change.

When you open the app and click in the center on the button to add content, now the Text option also appears, in addition to the usual Photos and those for recording videos of different lengths. If you select it, you have the option to write something, just like a tweet (which are no longer called tweets anyway), choose the size of the letters, their color and much more.

From TikTok they explained that there are many options to customize content: you can add sounds, indicate your position in the world, allow comments and authorize duets (but not stitches, apparently), just like any other post on the ByteDance platform.

It's not over, because text posts, which are at risk of disappearing into the huge sea of videos posted every minute on TikTokyou can add: sticker to “give some zing”, tag other accounts e hashtags relating to topics or trends related to the post, colors background "to make the text stand out", sounds (which remain fundamental to success on TikTok) with which "readers can enjoy reading you". Furthermore, like any other post on TikTok, even text-only ones can be saved in Drafts, worked on later and possibly even discarded and deleted.

tiktok: an example of a text-only post

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Why is TikTok focusing on texts now?

As mentioned, this decision may seem a bit strange for an app born for videos and with the specific purpose of entertaining people through short or very short films. And yet, in this second (last?) life of social networks, as we have come to know them, evidently texts and words are once again having weight and importance, supporting a request for simplicity and immediacy that comes from users.

From TikTok they invited to use the new feature to share poems and song lyrics (and recipes too), which is a bit what people already did with Instagram Stories. Using them not for what they were born to do but to do something else. To write, indeed.

And if there is a question, social networks obviously go along with it: Instagram gave birth to Threads and now TikTok, which has been copied a lot in recent years (too from YouTube with Shorts), is found in the role of imitator. But with the strength of a constantly growing community and able to give a huge boost to any news. Even if maybe it's not so new.


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