Why did Sam Altman skip Italy?

Why did Sam Altman skip Italy?

Sam Altman, considered the father of ChatGpt, is traveling around the world and not for vacation.

After stops in Washington DC and Toronto, he went to Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Lisbon, and then Madrid, Warsaw, Paris, London and Munich. Europe is over the mission continues on the other side of the world. It's an interesting journey because it scores a clear change in Silicon Valley's strategy.

Artificial intelligence

Altman to the US Congress: "We need rules for AI, as for nuclear power. I fear serious damage for society"

by Archangel Rociola

So far the attitude of the so-called Big Tech, Facebook and Google in the lead, had been to give a damn about politics until something went wrong and then the CEO showed up for formal hearings in which he concocted some excuses. Open AI, the company that is developing the generative artificial intelligence of Chat GPT, has decided to play against the clock.

Sam Altman is therefore meeting the heads of governments of the main countries of the world to explain his intentions and ask them about the rules before they impose them on him. In short, in the explosive artificial intelligence sector, in which there are new protagonists every day, he credits himself as the good and responsible one.

What is striking, looking at it from Italy, is that Italy doesn't exist. On Sam Altman's tour we were skipped. It is not the first time when it comes to technology: we are used to recording the greater importance of the United Kingdom, Germany, even France. But what about Spain? What about Portugal? And even Poland? Why skip Italy if only for meet the Pope than on the topic of artificial intelligence he was the first head of state to move forward by promoting a bill of rights that puts people at the centre.

We don't know why Italy remained cut off. Perhaps from here no government official has expressed interest. When the tour was announced, at the end of March, it was immediately noticed that Italy was not planned, yet evidently no one from Rome made a phone call or sent an email to San Francisco to say: hey, we're here too, we are interested in this topic, generative artificial intelligence will change the way we live, it will upset the job market, we want to understand more about it.

Nevertheless Sam Altman likes Italy. He remarked this himself when our Privacy Guarantor blocked Chat GPT for a month and he said: “It's one of my favorite places, I hope to go back soon”. On vacation, obviously.

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