Crowdfunding, the platform of the Italian chamber system is underway

Crowdfunding, the platform of the Italian chamber system is underway

Finnexta, the crowdfunding platform managed by Innexta, the reference structure of the Italian Chamber System for finance and credit to SMEs, focused on fintech and alternative finance, takes off. Its mission is to encourage and support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, bringing them closer to the "alternative economy" and crowdinvensting, a financial instrument which, according to data from the Milan Polytechnic (7th Crowdinvesting Observatory), until July 2022 raised 429.04 million euros, with a flow of 141.9 million in the previous 12 months, of which 58.99 million in the first half of 2022.

How the platform will operate

With a proposal currently focused on equity crowdfunding operations and, shortly, also on lending and the issue of minibonds, the platform was conceived according to the new European regulation on crowdfunding. Born with the intention of being not a competitor, but an ally of the other Italian crowdfunding platforms, to which it offers a showcase to make its share exchange boards visible, Finnexta invites all the players in its market to dialogue and collaborate of reference.

The first operation of a million

On the crowdfunding project, Innexta has already partnered with Aifi (Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital_ and Private Debt) and Iban (Italian Business Angel Network). The first fundraising hosted by the new Chambers of Commerce project is that of Re-Lender, a lending crowdfunding platform that achieves the financial goals of savers and businesses through real estate, green and industrial projects. The maximum objective of raising equity Re-Lenders through Finnexta is one million euro; the campaign will support the European internationalization of the company (starting from Spain, where the company already has an office, and Portugal), and the IPO process (Initial Public Offering or listing) on ​​the London Stock Exchange expected by 2024 for which the company has already been selected by Novum Securities Ltd, a British broker who will follow the listing process. Founded in 2019, Re-Lender connects companies requesting funding with registered users (more than 33,000) who want to make their savings pay off. To date it has financed over 140 projects supporting the growth of more than 35 companies, for a total of over 35 million euros raised, at an average interest rate of 8% and a duration of operations from 12 to 36 months.

A tool for SMEs

«Putting our Finnexta crowdfunding portal online is just a further step in the implementation of the mission that the shareholders have given us: to make the possibility of using digitized alternative finance products by small and medium-sized companies increasingly solid, known and convincing businesses and small investors - declares Danilo Maiocchi, general manager of Innexta - Our aim is to stimulate the offer and increase the demand of a market that in Italy still has great room for growth. Finnexta joins the other tools that Innexta makes available to SMEs and small investors».

«The solidity and credibility of Innexta makes us proud to have been selected for their first operation. The Re-Lender project goes in the direction of supporting the entrepreneurial system in accessing credit, in line with the provisions of Innexta's mission - says Paolo Manetta, founder and managing director of Re-Lender - Specifically, Re-Lender supports both companies than savers, providing an alternative to traditional loans for the former and democratizing access to investment in the real economy for investors".

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