Company promises, privacy and policies. How ChatGpt plugins work

Company promises, privacy and policies.  How ChatGpt plugins work

Let's start with the basics: plugins are third-party applications. In practice they connect ChatGPT and everything it can do to external applications. As? For example, they provide ChatGPT with additional information, allow it (or them) to perform specific actions or to access data from proprietary sources. One of the key features is the ability to access the internet as a data source.

Choosing OpenAi

The first plugins were made available in March on services such as OpenTable, Zapier, Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Shopify. With the latest update, Plus users (who pay $20 a month) have the ability to take advantage of more than 70 plugins on the service. So not all are available to everyone, you need a subscription. However, it must also be said that not all of them are good and many promise more than they deliver. That is why before using them it is better to get information. Let's start from the most useful one with a premise. Each plugin has the ability to access the web. “Scraper” fetches information from any website URL you provide to it. So if you need a summary of what a site says it has found the right tool.

The most promising is Wolfram

The most interesting however is Wolfram which uses, as the name suggests, information from Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language). We are talking about an intelligent search engine in the sense that it does not access the internet but a scientific database. To be superficial we could say that he is a nerd who knows everything about mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology, demography and all technical subjects. According to some, the combination of LLM (Large Language Model) neural networks such as ChatGpt with this type of computational knowledge engines could be the real novelty of generative AI.

Not everyone does what they promise

For example, Mashable magazine doesn't talk very well about ChatWithVideo that it's supposed to "watch" videos for you and answer your questions, but what they say doesn't understand everything. Finally, I Am Rich looks more like a quote than a plugin. It should generate images but if you use the phrase "I am rich" as a prompt it always generates the same image. Like the app launched in 2008 for iPhone that did nothing but draw a ruby. At the time, we are in the early days of the iPhone, it was a success.

Find out more

Microsoft's move to Build 2023

At Microsoft's annual Build conference held last Wednesday they announced the adoption of the same plugin standard introduced by OpenAi with ChatGpt. This will allow developers to create extensions that work on products such as Bing, Microsoft Edge, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot and the new Windows Copilot we talked about here.

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