Netflix’s plan: remove the Basic subscription and push everyone towards HD

Netflix's plan: remove the Basic subscription and push everyone towards HD


You bear the publicity or pay more for high definition: this seems to be the only choice that Netflix would be thinking of offering to subscribers, thus eliminating what we have all come to know as the Base Plan.

The indiscretion, for now not confirmed by the company (to which we have asked for a comment anyway) comes from abroad but in Canada it is much more than an indiscretion: it is already reality.

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by Emanuele Capone

The Netflix Basic Plan has disappeared

Despite the skepticisms of those who “will fail” and “let’s all cancel”, the streaming giant he has evidently noticed that it is there strict on password sharing (here the rates for Italy) both especially the plan with commercial breaks are working. And so he decided to insist on these aspects.

In Canada, according to what was reported by several press organizations (e as confirmed by the official Netflix Help Center), the Basic plan is no longer there: we start with the one with advertising and then we jump directly to the one in Full HD or to the one in 4K. From what we understand, who in Canada currently has a Basic subscription to Netflix can continue to use itbut whoever had to suspend and resume, or enter into a new contract, could no longer choose it.

What could happen in Italy?

It remains to be seen whether these changes will also come on other markets, how and with what timing: it is not unlikely, given that Netflix often experiments in specific countries which then spread to the whole world.

So it’s worth imagining what could happen in Italywhere at the moment there are 4 subscription plans. If the Basic one disappeared (which costs 7.99 euros per month), the offer would be structured as follows: Standard with advertising at 5.49 euros per month, then Standard at 12.99 and then Premium for 17.99 euros per month, with a jump of 7.5 euros between the first and the second step.

There’s a advantage, even if perhaps it is perceived little: from what we understand from the Canadian Help Center, the 720p HD resolution has disappeared, that of the Basic Plan: all subscriptions are from 1080p and up. Which was about time too, honestly.



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