A hashtag filter: TikTok’s new idea to help parents

A hashtag filter: TikTok's new idea to help parents


TikTok has announced some new tools to help parents manage better and with greater awareness the not always easy relationship of their children with social networks.

They are not the first and probably won’t be the last, precisely because the issue is complex and constantly evolving, and yet they seem to us to be among the most useful, at least among those announced in the last year. Together with the 60-minute limit for under 18s.

The initiative

From Mamma di Merda to Mamma di Meta: this is how Instagram talks about social networks to parents and children

by Emanuele Capone

A blocker for unwanted videos

The main novelty concerns the Family Connection, the function that allows you to associate an adult’s TikTok account with that of a minor for which he is responsible and which now offers the possibility of filtering the videos and hashtags that you want to exclude from the For You section of the minor you are connected to.

From TikTok they explained that to better develop this function “we relied on the experts from the Family Online Safety Institute”, in order to “ensure a balance between what parents and guardians consider to be the best online experience and the preferences of the children themselves”. From what we understand, everything should work as does the command that allows any user of the ByteDance platform to filter for himself the contents he does not like in For You and Followed-ups.

Obviously, it takes some effort on the part of adults to find and select unwanted hashtags and videos (therefore having some familiarity with social media trends): as we have often reiterated on Italian Tech, technology can do a lotbut is impotent if the families are absent.

A listening space for the youngest

This novelty is added to the so-called Content Levels system, introduced a year ago and designed to prevent content suitable for an older audience or more complex themes from reaching teenagers. In addition, the creation of the TikTok Youth Council has been announced: based on listening to the under 18s who have direct experience of the platform, the intention is “to provide a new, more structured and regular opportunity for young people to provide their vision and help create the safest and most pleasant experience possible for the community”. It’s still not clear how the action of the TikTok Youth Council will materializewhich however will become operational in the second half of 2023.



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