Zuckerberg will likely beat Musk in the ring. But who would win between Meta and Tesla?

Zuckerberg will likely beat Musk in the ring.  But who would win between Meta and Tesla?

Combat arts experts have little doubt. In a hypothetical match between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, the former, a good practitioner of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, would win. Despite the almost 20 kilos heavier than the second. But not in all sectors the technique outweighs the weight. Not in business. Because if instead of a comparison between the technical combat skills of the two we tried to compare those of entrepreneurs, the weight of Musk and his companies would exceed that of Zuckerberg and his holding company.

Reuters tried to string together some numbers. The market capitalization of the electric vehicle maker is about 800 billion dollars, almost 100 billion more than Zuckerberg's social network. And although Meta generates more revenue, Tesla is growing faster. Some analysts actually predict that the two companies' revenues will converge by 2025, but Tesla is currently leading the way in this hypothetical race.

How much did those who invested in Tesla and Meta earn

Musk would also get the record by comparing the ability of his companies to repay the trust of investors. A dollar invested in Facebook's debut in 2012 is now worth $7.45. The same dollar invested in Tesla at the same time is now worth $144.

From a financial point of view, it must be said that Meta is more solid. The company has $37 billion in cash. Tesla's cash pool is growing, but Zuckerberg is way ahead, having generated $116 billion in free cash flow over the past five years and distributed $96 billion of that to shareholders.

The case

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However, both faced problems. Especially with their investors. The metaverse issue has weighed on Zuckerberg in the last year. An unknown. Capable of burning about 14 billion and making several shareholders turn up their noses. But Musk also grappled with several internal issues.

Its shareholders, recalls Reuters, own 13% of the company. And they have made a lot of noise in recent years following some public statements made on Twitter, his favorite social network even before he decided to buy it last year. And opening a further front with investors, who fear too many distractions from Tesla's number one.

The beating between two entrepreneurs who are changing our world

Zuckerberg and Musk, Meta and Tesla (plus SpaceX, and Neuralink) are somehow shaping the world. On two different channels. The first more virtual, made up of social media, digital spaces, interconnection of people through viewers and metaverse. The second most real, between electric cars, rockets and chips to be implanted in the brain. They reflect two different visions not only of business, but also of the world and of humanity.

The analysis

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Their companies have the power to change an important part of our lives. And their power now makes them closer to the great heads of state than to normal entrepreneurs, as confirmed by the honors reserved for Musk during his visit to Palazzo Chigi. Their strength, their power, will soon be measured even in a cage. The one in Las Vegas, where the martial arts fights take place.

At the moment it is not known if anyone in their companies has tried to dissuade them from a decision that to many seems too childish for two such important people. But the fight will be there. Who knows if it will somehow impact the future of their business as well. And their companies.

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