«You are the last person we would like to hug from» - Corriere.it

«You are the last person we would like to hug from» - Corriere.it

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The message of solidarity for the Bari artisan who died of cancer after pregnancy was not appreciated by the family who have political ideas opposed to the Northern League leader

We (me and my family), are your OPPOSITE, black/white, north/south, right/left, salty/sweet. So if we ever had to draw up a list of people we don't want hugs/pity/sympathy from, don't get mad, but your name would definitely be on the podium. The widowed husband of Feliciana Chimenti (44-year-old artisan from Bari who discovered she had cancer after becoming pregnant and carried the pregnancy to term to give life to her daughter, which she then lost) did not like, and with a post on Facebook he did not send it to her, the intervention on social media with which Matteo Salvini had expressed his solidarity with the family.

The reasons that infuriated Gabriele are clearly understood from the tough guy intervention against the minister: My wife's love was, and immense, towards our children, towards me and towards the "least", the most unfortunate, such as those who embark because they have 2 alternatives: a) die at home of hunger/hardship/war b) embark (also being aware of the risks of the journey) in an attempt to "turn around" and change their lives. At the base there is clearly an opposing vision of politics (starting from the management of migratory flows) between the Bari family bent by the tragedy and Salvini. And if it weren't clear yet, the widower closes his post with a drop of venom: One last thing, do you know the little girl you mentioned, what's her name? CAROLA. Name inspired by 3 warriors, the two grandmothers (Carmelina/Laura) and Carola Rackete !!! You remember her, don't you...???.

In recent days, the secretary of the League had written referring to Feliciana Chimenti: She sacrificed herself to give life to her little girl. (...) In this sacrifice so great, before which our daily worries become very small, there is all the unconditional love a mother is capable of, a love that gives life and transcends all human limitations. A message of solidarity which, however, was not appreciated because, beyond the distance, it seemed to the Apulian family dictated by the search for clicks.

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July 21, 2023 (change July 21, 2023 | 09:47)

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