The majority accelerates on presidentialism and autonomy. The oppositions: "Exchange vote"

The majority accelerates on presidentialism and autonomy.  The oppositions: "Exchange vote"


An unexpected move on Autonomy, which ignites the clash and controversy between the majority and the opposition: “Barter; exchange vote”, is the accusation. At Palazzo Madama, the government parties presented an unexpected agenda, unusual in ways and times according to the centre-left parties, which “commits the Senate to rapidly approve the Calderoli bill on differentiated autonomy“. FdI, Lega and Forza Italia ask to speed up the provision so dear to the Carroccio, “taking into account the indications and the modification proposals shared during the examination in the commission, in the context of the constitutional reforms, envisaged in the government program agreement voted by the Italians, including the one aimed at achieving the highest form of democracy through the direct expression of the popular will”. In other words, presidentialism.

“Today we had confirmation of the obvious divisions that exist in the majority. Ignoring the agreements that had been made in the conference of the group leaders in the Senate, the right, at the insistence of the League, presented an odg to the motion on differentiated autonomy presented by the oppositions which sanctions and imposes an evident barter”, attacks the senator Alessandro Alfieri, Pd responsible for Reforms and the Pnrr. He refers to the fact that the majority parties violated an agreement on today’s agenda, with numerous motions at stake, including the one on the minimum wage. But the one on the Northern League project, with these modalities moreover, was not foreseen. “It is clear that this majority is forced to put agreements in writing that would find it difficult to respect. More exchange votes than that”, says Alfieri to which are added the harsh words of the dem group leader at Palazzo Madama, Francesco Boccia: “There has been an evident change of scheme, the divisions in the majority have led to the shortcut, the odg highlights the divisions of the League and the Brothers of Italy”.

The M5s also follow the same line: “Today the majority certified in black and white the barter between the old Spacca-Italia project of the Northern League and the presidential ambitions of the Brothers of Italy”, he attacksAlessandra Majorino. While Enrico Borghi, of Italia viva, underlines how the “irritual way” with which the provision was presented “demonstrates how the majority appears precarious. “I would like to remind the exponents of the right, making a joke, that July 25 is not a right day to present an agenda “.


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