Schlein kicks Cuperlo out of the Pd foundation: Zingaretti is the new president. Poisons in Pd chats

Schlein kicks Cuperlo out of the Pd foundation: Zingaretti is the new president.  Poisons in Pd chats

ROME – Nicola Zingaretti will take the place of Gianni Cuperlo as president of the Pd Foundation. And the appointment has aroused new discontent in the party. The decision will be announced this morning by Elly Schlein during a press conference convened at the Nazareno and in which the dem secretariat will appoint the former governor of Lazio to lead the institute and its reform. “In recent years - says Schlein - thanks to Gianni Cuperlo's great commitment, constant activity has been guaranteed in the research and training initiative. Now, with the aim of also formally establishing the Foundation, we want to provide the Democratic Party with a common research tool - as is already the case in all European parties - and for strengthening our identity, open to collaboration with other study centres".

The decision of the Pd secretary had been in the air for some time and the mission of the "new" foundation will be to strengthen the network of European relations, have the Nazarene body join the Foundation for European progressive studies, the Feps, of which he was also president Massimo D'Alema. In essence, it is a question of the foundation of the parties that adhere to the PSE, of which the Democratic Party is not a part so far. To arrive at this entry, Schlein has therefore decided to appoint Zingaretti as guide, after all the deputy could be a candidate as leader in Lazio in the European elections of 2024.

However, Schlein's choice has aroused new discontent from the Democratic Party. Cuperlo, a former candidate in the Pd primaries, did not want to comment on Zingaretti's appointment to the agencies, but it seems that he did not take the secretary's decision willingly. And, according to reports from theAdnkronosa joke about Zingaretti and Schlein would circulate in the party chats: “But the secretary entrusted the Pd Foundation to the leader who resigned saying plague and horns of the party, that there was only talk of armchairs?”.

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