Feijòo (Pp): “Meloni in the Ppe? Desirable for the EU”

Feijòo (Pp): “Meloni in the Ppe?  Desirable for the EU”

In an interview with El Mundo, the leader of the Spanish People's Party talks about the government scenarios in Spain and the possible entry of the Italian premier into the European People's Party: "It will depend on his attitude"

“I think Mrs Melons will be able to have more contacts with the in the future European People's Party” compared to those he has today with vox. He answers like this Alberto Núñez Feijóopresident of the People's Party Spanish (Pp), to a question on Giorgia Meloni's support for the Spanish far-right party. The choice of the Prime Minister to once again side with Santiago Abascallast week, does not seem to have bothered the leader of the popular parties, who on the contrary also opens the door to a possible entry of the Brothers of Italy into the Ppe family. "It will depend on Mrs. Meloni's attitude, but I am convinced, from what my friend Antonio Tajani tells me, that Meloni's positions worry us much less today than when she was elected to government”, says Feijòo. In short, would Meloni's possible entry into the EPP be desirable for the EU? “Undoubtedly”, the head of the Spanish centre-right comments dryly.

Speaking instead of the internal scenarios, the president of the PP continues with his strategy and tries to convince the voters, in particular those adverse to president Sanchez, to channel towards his party, strengthened by the clear advantage that the latest polls attribute to it. "I will continue on the path indicated by the polls and I personally ask the voters to ensure a clean government, without coalitions" declares Feijòo. It's nothing new that the former president of Galicia does not welcome a government with Vox, even if in case of lack of absolute majority this will be the only way forward. "People know very well that setting up a coalition government with Vox is not the best choice for Spain", he admits. "And that there is no party that can feel entitled to hinder our country".

In closing, the leader of the PP briefly illustrates his idea of ​​a program to be implemented in the first hundred days of presidency: "Will be a stricter government, first of all. Second point, the autonomy of the judiciary. The cheap package it is inevitable, as we will have to negotiate the stability pact and present a proposal in 90 days. We will have to manage it with the utmost diligence rotating presidency of the EU. We also think about a tax cut and we are already working on the legislative decrees to be passed. And there will be penal code reform”.

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