Wagner, Meloni announces: "I will summon the competent ministers and intelligence"

Wagner, Meloni announces: "I will summon the competent ministers and intelligence"

"As soon as I return from this appointment, I have summoned the competent ministers and the Italian intelligence to try to get more elements and judge the matter". The premier announces it Giorgia Meloni speaking at the end of the bilateral meeting with the Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer.

"We are in contact with international allies", he adds. Palazzo Chigi announced that the prime minister is closely following what is happening in Russia, where Wagner's private militias have targeted Russian military leaders. Meloni, therefore , announces that in the next few days he will convene the government to take stock of the situation, but at the moment – ​​he admits – "it is difficult to make assessments". The events of the last few hours, according to the prime minister, are the mirror "of the chaos within the Russian Federation". A situation - says Meloni - that clashes a bit with certain propaganda that we have seen in recent months".

The arrival of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, at the Europa Forum Wachau, welcomed by the Austrian Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, and by the Governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner


The Russian-Ukrainian conflict was at the center of the talks with the Austrian chancellor: "Our position on this is very clear," said the prime minister. "We need to carefully evaluate the situation, what happens in Russia is always of great strategic importance, because the Russian Federation has many biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Also in this context, the unity of the European Union is also of extreme importance. There we are consulted and have harmonized the action of our national intelligence services and in due course we will exchange the information we have".

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