«The propaganda about the compactness of the regime was not real»- Corriere.it

«The propaganda about the compactness of the regime was not real»- Corriere.it

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He presses it: we are in contact with international allies. Support for Kiev must continue. Now Europe is a political giant

«We are following the developments of the last few hours in Russia. Awareness is one chaos situation shows us how certain propaganda made in the past by Russia of strength and unity within the scheme did not correspond to reality". This was stated by Giorgia Meloni at the Europa Forum Wachau, in Lower Austria, at the Goettweig Abbey.

The premier has announced that on her return she has summoned «the competent ministers
and Italian intelligence to get more information on the matter. And he adds: "We are in contact with the allies international, later there will be one meeting convened at the level of foreign ministers to exchange information. But he clearly underlines that it remains central the Ukrainian question: «At this moment we must not let ourselves be distracted from support for Kiev and on this road we must continue».

Support for Kiev

“Destiny challenges us to push us to be proud of us. We are called to face this time head-on and with dignity. It is the time for politics and it is the time for Europe which must be a political giant» Meloni explains again. «Those who say for political propaganda that helping Ukraine means supporting the escalation of the conflictfails to understand that exactly the opposite is true: if we hadn't helped the Ukrainians - he says - today we would be living in a much more insecure worldwith a war much closer to our home, in which whoever is militarily stronger can freely invade his neighbour. We are defending peace, stability and security».

The challenge of migrants

On the future of Europe, the prime minister underlines «the priority is not to rethink the rules, the issue is rethink priorities. The more we are, the more the principle of subsidiarity will serve, the principle envisaged by the treaties that has been applied the least". And - in the joint press conference, after the bilateral meeting with the Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer - once again ask for a step forward, a "new approach" to manage the migratory emergency. «It is not human to leave the field free to smugglers and traffickers» he reiterates. «It is thanks to our collaboration if you are changed the paradigm of Europe on the relationship of illegal migratory flows - claims Meloni - Now a further step needs to be concretely taken for solutions to deal with this matter and it will be the subject of the next European Council. In recent months, Chancellor Nehammer and I have built common positions on many strategic situations concerning the European Council starting from the migration issue".

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