Vicenza, Possamai and the leaderless victory in the city: "An incredible thing" -

Vicenza, Possamai and the leaderless victory in the city: "An incredible thing" -

Of Stephanie Chiale

The young dem wins by 500 votes by coalescing six lists. Possamai, the new young mayor only at the registry office has built an electoral committee populated by thirty-year-olds

After Verona and Padua, Vicenza arrives. The heart of the productive Veneto beats on the left: Giacomo Possamai christens the return of city government to the center-left, with an alliance that goes from his Pd to the third pole, from the Greens to center-right experiences reclaiming the civic etiquette of this race and victory. The dream of creating an axis of the A4 come true, the centre-right mayor Francesco Rucco loses by a handful of votes (500 rounds): the abacus crystallizes with the result of 50.5% to 49.4%. The only city that goes to the center-left in the ballots.

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Vicenza danced with hope, uncertainty, disbelief and finally confirmation: the outgoing administration failed to confirm itself in front of the young-old of Vicenza politics. A non-Schleinian Pd, anchored to the Lettian and Bonaccinian line, which knows how to speak to the millennials. Together with his old friend Giovanni Diamanti, spin doctor and at this time also the coordinator of the civic Possamai, the new young mayor only at the registry office (politician since he was 23 years old, city councilor then leader of the Democratic Party in the Region) has built a populous electoral committee of thirty-somethings, who yesterday got confused with the generations of their parents and grandparents. He has dreamed of this day for years and has been preparing for it since last summer, when he gave up a seat offered to him in the Chamber by Enrico Letta. He won by coalescing six lists and today proclaims the winning choice: Uniting people who come from different worlds, with a primarily civic project and speaking of the city, summarizes Possamai when the crowds in the electoral committee in front of the Salvi Garden have just begun and before to reach Piazza dei Signori.

A head to head that lasted just an hour and a quarter after the polls close. At 16.15 the stadium chants and the loud call of the enfant prodige start. We have done an incredible thing he says as he climbs onto the platform, emotion in his voice, his glasses a little foggy due to the heat in the crowded hall. I don't know if you've seen how it ended in the rest of Italy, she says before inviting everyone to celebrate in style: I want to be everyone's mayor.

In the center-right's undisputed party in the ballots, Vicenza against the trend. A city split in two, but always: the former center-left mayor Achille Variati won by a whisker in 2008 (527 votes). The Possamai campaign studied with Diamanti has kept the big names of the party at a distance, but the victory cannot fail to question the Democratic Party. The message is that people with different histories can stay together: I think we need to reflect on this at a national level in the coming months. The gaze moves forward, to the Regionals, with a result that creates a territorial axis in the hands of the center-left in a Region that crowned Zaia with 76.8% of the votes: The mayors of Verona, Padua and Vicenza will be able to dialogue in a different way , and we will. In the cities we are managing to develop winning coalitions and proposals.

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