«To those who think it's over, I say that we have only begun»- Corriere.it

«To those who think it's over, I say that we have only begun»- Corriere.it

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After the defeat in the Municipal elections, the secretary of the Democratic Party speaks in a direct Instagram: "Tomorrow in the Senate we will ask the government not to divert funds from the Pnrr in the direction of the production of ammunition and armaments"

Elly Schlein
Instagram is back live after the defeat of the Democratic Party at the Comunali: «Change is not a gala dinner. Make yourself comfortable, we have a long job to do. We don't stop. We have to rebuild a perspective giving hope to the country. Let's do it with a bang. We are not afraid of attacks. To those who think it's over, I want to say: we've only begun". The secretary of the Democratic Party thus implicitly responds even to those in the party who have recently accused her of "doing everything by herself" and of poor collegiality.

The Pnrr and weapons

Another issue dealt with the funds of the Pnrr, with an attack on the executive: «Let them come and report to Parliament on what they intend to do for the Pnrr. The government is slowing down implementation, putting municipalities in difficulty and risking making us miss out on a historic opportunity. We cannot accept funds being misappropriated for intended purposes going in another direction. Removing funds from the nests to put them on the production of armaments is not acceptable for us". Then, precisely on the question of weapons, the announcement: «Tomorrow in the Senate we will ask the government of Giorgia Meloni not to divert funds from the Pnrr in the direction of the production of munitions and armaments. This is a fundamental point for us. We want to have a clear answer from the government. These funds cannot be taken away from Pnrr projects to produce weapons and the government must be clear on this. The Democratic Party has tabled amendments on this issue which will be supported by the entire group of Socialists and Democrats. I hope that the MEPs of all the other groups will also support them, because we need to be clear about this".

The commissioner in Romagna

Schlein also spoke of the post-flood in Emilia-Romagna: "In addition to burying a motion by the Democratic Party on high student rents - insisted the dem leader - today the right in Parliament came out with a question against Emilia-Romagna Romagna, spreading fake news in an attempt to politicize the flood. We are still waiting for the appointment of the commissioner, the territories and the affected communities cannot wait: those who know the territories are needed – he said evoking the figure of the governor Stefano Bonaccini -, those who have already worked with the entire institutional chain and with the social partners, as demonstrated also following the earthquake».

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May 31, 2023 (change May 31, 2023 | 5:36 pm)

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