The Twitter code ends up online on Github

The Twitter code ends up online on Github

Twitter has discovered that it has lost parts of its source code, which has been in the public domain for several months. The New York Times writes it. Source code is the textual representation of the programming behind any web page or software. The fact that it has surfaced online is an absolutely rare event and in any case involves a considerable exposure of the intellectual property of the company, which in recent months has experienced not only technical problems, but also financial difficulties, given that today it is worth - according to Musk himself - less half of the $44 billion paid to buy it. It is unclear whether the spread could cause security or privacy issues, although no risks for users have been identified so far.

The code appeared on an online platform for software developers, GitHub, and when they found out, Twitter executives immediately asked the company to remove it, as well as the California State District Court to ask GitHub to identify the person who posted the sensitive information and also the names of those who used it. GitHub quickly aligned and pulled the code the same day. It is not known how long the codex has been online, but it appears that it has been public for at least several months.

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