Mes, here’s what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni thinks

Mes, here's what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni thinks


Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke on the subject of the Mes, a topic that is inflaming not only national politics but the majority itself. She did it leaving the Europa Forum Wachau, in Lower Austria, answering a question on the ratification of the Mes, expected in the Chamber in the Chamber on June 30th. «The ratification of the Mes? I have not changed my mind on this matter, I certainly think it is a mistake to bring him to the Chamber now. I think it is a mistake regardless of how you think about it, even for those who are in favor of ratifying the Treaty. Parliament had voted a motion in which it asked the government not to ratify the Mes, all the more reason pending the decisions concerning the overall framework of governance, which means stability law, banking union, deposit guarantee. Anyone who is asking to make this decision today is not doing Italy a favour. Regardless of the merits, I hope that whoever scheduled it will want to reconsider this decision which in any case does not help Italy at the moment”.
What Confindustria thinks
The president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi also spoke on the issue of the Mes speaking at the Rapallo conference: «First of all, let us remember that the ratification of the amendment to the regulation is being discussed: therefore Italy has already signed the Mes and is committed to 125 billion. Therefore, a modification of a regulation is being discussed, an instrument that was born as a bailout, modified as a health instrument with the pandemic and which today could be used for a possible intervention to rescue a banking system. Not the Italian one which has proven to be easily able to withstand any shocks», underlines Bonomi. “If an amendment is being discussed, why not think about including the possibility of using the Mes as an element of industrial policy in the amendment”, he asks, recalling some numbers: “If for unavoidable transitions, such as environmental, digital and green ones, investments must be made in Europe of 3500 billion and for Italy we are talking about 650 billion while the Pnrr on these chapters puts between 60-70 billion: it means that Italian businesses and families must make 580 billion of investments. And today we know that it is impossible».
Added to this, continues Bonomi, “Europe does not want to create a sovereign wealth fund”. So, he concludes, “one of two things: if I am committed as a country and there are financial resources, why don’t you let me use them for industrial policy issues, which means growth for the country?”.


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