The other Europe without Tsipras, notes for Schlein’s Pd

The other Europe without Tsipras, notes for Schlein's Pd


Syriza leader resigns after defeat, Podemos is in crisis, Corbyn is out of Labour. The cycle of the movementist left, anti-European and pacifist that the secretary Elly would do well not to imitate out of time

He inspired the Italian left which enlisted in his support in the “Kalimera brigade” and with him dreamed of “another Europe”, had become at the height of the Greek crisis the symbol of revolt against austerity and neoliberalism. Now his political parable closes, perhaps not by chance, with the return of Greece to theinvestment grade after the 2011 default. He had tried to resist, Alexis Tsiprasbut the close double electoral blow, with the votes halved compared to the 2019 defeat, forced him to resign as leader of Syriza which he had led since 2009.

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