The luxury manager arrives, +400% the requests of luxury brands to start training courses -

The luxury manager arrives, +400% the requests of luxury brands to start training courses -

There are many professions that have arisen from new needs in the labor market: from those in the technological field to those in the environmental field. But there are also others that have to do with the so called soft skills. Among them, one who is having great success is the luxury manager with skills such as: relational sensitivity, positive management of critical issues, ability to discreetly assist in the purchasing experience, knowledge of different cultures and ability to satisfy specific needs.

According to a survey by the research office of thethe Accademia Italiana del Galateo the requests from the big fashion brands increased by 400%. to launch in-house courses to train “luxury professionals”. We are talking about top brands, over 20 large companies in the sector — explains Samuele Briatore, president of the Academy and author of the volume "Il teatro del luxury (Marsilio)" — which by investing in these new figures have seen their turnover increase by 4% and productivity up to 23% in offices and distribution.

Despite the geopolitical tensions, the fashion industry does not appear to be affected by growth fears. L'Altagamma Consensus 2023 sees Europe up +5% and financial data for the first quarter, communicated by the major fashion houses are sparkling. One The scenario that therefore promises to be positive for this year but also up to 2030. According to the Altagamma 2022 Observatory, thanks to solid market fundamentals and new profit pools enabled by technology, the value of the luxury market, and in particular that of personal luxury goods in our country is expected to grow by 60% or more by 2030, reaching 540-580 billion euros.

Purchasing in a luxury boutique - adds Briatore - is increasingly an extension of the brand itself, reserved for a demanding customer who does not want interruptions to the experience. for this reason, creating professionals capable of assisting and guiding this journey is a winning choice.
THEIn the last 10 years, around 700 people have been trained by the Academy and from Briatore, with tangible results also from an economic point of view, reads a note. Again according to the analysis by the Accademia di Galateo, in fact, 30% of people trained as "luxury managers" saw their professional level increase.

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