Enel, in Oklahoma the mega solar plant worth a billion dollars - Corriere.it

Enel, in Oklahoma the mega solar plant worth a billion dollars - Corriere.it

It will be located in Oklahoma and will have an annual production capacity of 3 gigawatts with an investment of over one billion dollars. With an initiative defined by US President Joe Biden as the latest proof that my Investing in America program is working and that American production has returned, the Enel group (which since May 10 led by Flavio Cattaneo and chaired by Paolo Scaroni) has announced the launch of the giga-factory of photovoltaic cells and panels that will help the United States to develop a national manufacturing sector of clean energy and not to depend on China. The plant will be one of the largest to produce solar equipment in the US, where most of the projects are done with imported panels, and investment one of largest in solar power generation since climate change bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed last year which grants tax credits. Not only. Products made in America have a fast track to being sold in that market.

In Oklahoma

Enel, which was the first to declare its intention to build a solar factory in the United States, through its US manufacturing subsidiary 3Sun USA chose the location of Inola, Oklahoma, near Tulsa because it has water and electricity services and a workforce in able to support the factory immediately. And look for a partner to make it happen. The plant will produce 3 gigawatts of solar products annually. Construction work is expected to start this fall pending final approvals, necessary permits and economic incentive agreements, and the first panels are expected to be commercially available by the end of 2024. It will employ 1,000 people and subsequently production could double to 6 GW per year. year, with the creation of another 900 jobs. We are proud to help usher in a new era of energy produced in America – said Giovanni Bertolino, head of 3Sun USA -. The Oklahoma selection demonstrates the strength of the Tulsa Port of Inola site, the state's commitment to workforce development and an attractive investment climate. We're taking a major step forward in developing a state-of-the-art PV factory that will drive hundreds of jobs and millions in tax revenue over the long term.


Company could secure up to $180 million in funding from the state of Oklahoma if it meets certain employment and investment conditions. Enel's expansion is a big win for Oklahoma, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said, and I'm thrilled with their record-breaking investment in our state's economy and workforce, which will have a lasting legacy and will continue to impact our citizens for generations. Inola 3Sun will also be one of the first US factories to produce large-scale silicon-based solar cells, the building block of photovoltaic modules, and will incorporate bifacial heterojunction (HJT) technology, Enel North America reports. high performance.

The panel presented by 3Sun Catania

This is the model presented by 3Sun of Catania where production in the Sicilian gigafactory will begin in September. The bifacial HJT module, explains the group in the note, is able to guarantee an above-average energy production, producing about 15-20% more electricity than conventional single-facial panels, and offers significant improvements in terms of efficiency, with a certified cell efficiency of 24.6%. Furthermore, the lower degradation of the technology ensures a longer useful life for the modules and the high density of the cells lends itself to a variety of applications, including public scale installations or rooftop installations with terrain constraints. In the near future, 3Sun will introduce its next generation tandem cell technology, which in May 2023 broke a record by reaching a certified efficiency of 26.5%. Tandem technology uses two stacked cells which allow for more light to be captured than single cell structures.

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