will still increase by 10% - Corriere.it

will still increase by 10% - Corriere.it

Ryanair, the main European airline and the second largest low-cost airline in the world, closed its 2022-2023 financial year with a profit of 1.43 billion euros, a sharp leap compared to the loss of 355 million in the previous twelve months. what can be read in the documents published by the carrier. In the period April 2022-March 2023, the company recorded a turnover of 10.78 billion euros, more than double the 4.8 billion of the previous year. The planes then flew increasingly full, with a seat occupancy rate of 93% (it was 82%), despite a 12% increase in the base fare compared to the last year before Covid.

Passenger records

Ryanair's numbers, carefully monitored by insiders after the other financial statements published by European companies, certify the recovery of travel in Europe. Passengers carried by low-cost jumped from 97.1 million to 168.6 million, while Chief Executive Officer Michael O'Leary and Chief Financial Officer Neil Sorahan expect 185 million to board between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024 The increase also regarded operating costs (from 5.27 to 9.2 billion) due in particular to the increase in the price of kerosene despite being the company one of the most protected from fluctuations.

Bookings on the rise

Bookings for the summer are significant, according to Ryanair, even if there is still uncertainty for several factors, including the timing of the delivery of the new aircraft which could cut low-cost passengers by 750,000 in the April-September 2023 semester. even the basic rates, according to O'Leary of 10%: the managing director did not want to confirm the forecasts of the top management of the other European companies who these days speak of an increase between 20 and 30%. Certainly Ryanair intends to sell 25% more flights than in 2019 in a market - that of short and medium connections in Europe - still lower than the pre-Covid rate of 5-10%.

The increase in tickets

The analysis of Courier on the fare evolution shows that the average basic ticket - therefore net of extras such as priority boarding, choice of seat, hold baggage, etc. - went from 36.77 euros in the twelve months ending in March 2019 to 37, 46 euros the following year, to collapse to 27.32 euros between April 2021-March 2022 and jump again to 41.1 euros the following year. The average expense for extras also increased from 17 euros in 2019 to almost 23 euros in 2022-2023.

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