The best extensions to use ChatGPT on Chrome and Firefox

The best extensions to use ChatGPT on Chrome and Firefox

There strength of artificial intelligence, at least for the ordinary user, will depend on the ways in which it will be able to become pervasive in the online browsing experience and in the use of devices (including cars). That is, how developers will integrate it into their products, apps, platforms, sites and browsers to make it natural, obvious, almost hidden in some ways.

Evidence of this movement can be seen in the extensions for Google Chrome and in add-ons (add-ons) for Mozilla Firefox: real ChatGPT, or its counterpart, always at our disposal, able to activate automatically or with a single touch or click, without having to enter dedicated platforms, will drastically change search, work and leisure flows. Let's see some of the most interesting ones.

Artificial intelligence

The strange appeal against AI: "We risk extinction." But companies continue to develop them

by Emanuele Capone

Jasper brings artificial intelligence to wherever we work. It serves to create quality content for the marketing, optimized for search engines and for advertising copy or simply to quickly finish a text starting from key words and concepts. For Chrome.

Despite the name, it supports all AI systems: ChatGPT, OpenAI API key, Google Bard, Bing Chat and Claude. Opens a window on the right of the screen and allows you to work in many ways on texts selected from any site: rewrites them in the tone we prefer, synthesizes them, translates or paraphrases and responds in a personalized way to texts of all kinds. For Chrome.

You need to understand and go into detail easily complex or unfamiliar words, concepts, people, organizations and more. It allows you to verify the facts by crossing different sources that talk about the same topic. Also in this case it offers brief summaries of the texts we are reading to try to understand more. For Chrome.

Indispensable. It allows practically everything: for example summarizes the content of a YouTube video, pack effective content for social media and of course all the usual work guaranteed by ChatGPT. For Chrome.

This extension does something different: it helps to discover i prompts, i.e. the most effective input commands and requests for ChatGPT so as to employ the OpenAI AI in a more useful way. Among other things, it also saves the history of the interaction in different formats. For Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox is a little less feature-rich than Chrome. One is AI Anywhere for ChatGPT, which basically integrates the OpenAI chatbot into the Mozilla browser, allowing you to synthesize, translate and explain texts or to launch a Google search powered by ChatGPT. For Firefox.

It's a Firefox extension that mixes OpenAI and Midjourney with Google search. They can be obtained answers generated by artificial intelligence directly from ChatGPT for any search query and images generated by Midjourney in the Google Images section in high resolution. For Firefox.

There academic writing it must be clear, concise, formal, objective and legible: Trinka is an assistant that serves to improve one's style by working exactly on these fronts. It finds errors unique to academic writing that other tools don't find because it's designed for academic and technical writing. She proofreads text entered on many academic writing platforms such as Authorea and Typeset, as well as most sites such as Google Docs, Medium, EvernotesFacebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Gmail and Twitter. For Chrome and Firefox.


The 13 rules to create a successful startup according to Sam Altman (the father of ChatGTP)

by Gabriella Rocco

Replix AI is for producing content for professional use and for social media: from Gmail to Outlook via LinkedIn, Trello, Jira, Confluence but also Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Producthunt. Churns out posts, replies, comments, emails. It does so starting from an artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis that integrates seamlessly into the answers to provide them with the right emotional nuance. For Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

It is used to create concise and informative one-paragraph summaries of YouTube videos. Yes they can make point summaries, enjoy a comprehensive overview with news article-style summaries, and more. Summaries can also be exported to pdf, docx or plain text. For Chrome and Firefox.

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