After the United States, Italy too: subscriptions are arriving on Instagram

After the United States, Italy too: subscriptions are arriving on Instagram

After last year's experiment in the US, Instagram has decided to extend the subscription experience to other countries of the worldwhere creators can charge followers for access to exclusive content.

As explained by the company, and as announced by Mark Zuckerberg, “in the coming weeks eligible creators in Italy, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the UK will be able to access memberships and start earning from fan support”; furthermore, “we plan to continue ad expand access globally in the next months".

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by Emanuele Capone

4 benefits for subscribers

More or less as happens on Twitter (which is now called X)users will be able to choose to subscribe to favorite creators and to support them financially by paying a monthly fee.

From what we understand, individual creators will be free to set the price required, add the button Subscribe to their profile and in exchange they will be able to offer 4 different types of benefits to paying followers:

  • create posts, reels and Stories for subscribers onlyshare exclusive content with them, use interactive stickers in Stories or even make Live reserved only for subscribers;

  • the most recent Exclusive Stories will automatically be saved in a section visible only to subscribers;

  • give subscribers access or special information within broadcast channels and dedicated chats exclusively to them;

  • a will appear next to comments and messages sent by subscribers badgesso you can easily identify them and prioritize your interactions with them.

From Instagram explained that "with subscriptions it is possible to develop deeper connections with the followers who interact more" and obviously also "increase one's monthly revenues", giving in some way more concreteness and tangibility to the so-called creator economy (things?).

Clearly, much of the success will be linked not only to the goodness of the contents, but also to the identification of a correct price point: for this, and also to help creators activate offers and retain subscribers, Instagram has prepared a sort of Subscription Manual that will be accessible online.


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