Swappie Premium Series: Like new, but sustainable

Swappie Premium Series: Like new, but sustainable

"Like the new ones, even better, because in addition to having all the technical characteristics of an iPhone that has just left the factory, they are much more sustainable, because they live a second life". Casper Andersen, manager at Swappie of the new Premium series of refurbished iPhones, thus presents the novelty of the Finnish company which in just a few years has carved out a leading position in the world of "refurbished" in Italy too. In fact, Swappie was born in 2016 from the need to create a reliable and safe second-hand (and refurbished) market. And it did its job so well that it was placed in 2022 by the Financial Times at the top of the annual "Europe's Fastest Growing Companies" ranking, thanks to a 477% growth.


Behind the success of Swappie, the company that recycles iPhone

by Jaime D'Alessandro

There are several factors to success, he explains Elena Garbujocountry manager Italy: "A reconditioning process in 52 phases, with standard procedures, a supply chain completely controlled by us, all this guarantees quality and has allowed us to gain the trust of an ever increasing number of customers, who are not only attentive to the price, how much and above all to the environmental impact of the products they use: extending the life cycle of the device, in fact, there is a 78% reduction in CO emissions2 compared to a new phone".

A refurbished smartphone is the icon of a better planet

by Riccarlo Luna

After all, as he says Sami MartinenCEO and co-founder of Swappie, iPhones have no expiration date, so why not give them a second or third or fourth life?

The new Premium series is an attempt to intercept even the most demanding consumers, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. In particular, a survey commissioned by the company found that the reasons that lead consumers to prefer buying a new phone are above all the battery capacity (33%), the functional quality (29%) and the lack of signs of usury (23%).

And that's why anyone who buys an iPhone premium series, in addition to a price reduction compared to the new model (which primarily depends on availability, given that obviously not all used mobile phones that Swappie buys have the suitable characteristics to become Premium, but which is in the order of a few tens of a percentage point less), it has an iPhone free from physical defects, with a 100% battery (the real "bottleneck" that makes the iPhones of the Premium series not limited to a specific model, but available in limited quantities), 12 months warranty (like all the others sold by Swappie) and the guarantee of the repurchase by Swappie when you want to change models.

An example of availability  and pricing for Premium templates, from the Swappie site

An example of Premium model availability and pricing, from the Swappie site


Italians believe in the circular economy of tech

by Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Finally, a partnership was announced with WRÅD, a design studio dealing with sustainable fashion co-founded by the Italian Matthew Ward, which will create iPhone-holder bags in cotton recovered from cutting waste deriving from the production of its own line of jackets treated with beeswax. A material chosen because it is able to better protect the phone, thus guaranteeing a further extension of its life cycle.

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