Southern companies drive the digital transformation

Southern companies drive the digital transformation

In first place is Lombardy (30,856), followed by Lazio (18,556) and Campania (14,671). These are the regions that host the most companies at the service of digital transformation: 150,000 in all, and the South registers the strongest acceleration.

A complete picture of the situation is provided by a research carried out by the InfoCamere Data Scientist Team on the basis of Movimprese data: companies that offer services for the development of digital activities in Italy have grown by 37% in the last ten years (against a growth of services sector by 13.5%), above all thanks to the strong push of the southern regions. The survey adopts a definition of digital businesses with reference to companies registered in the Business Register that operate in one of the following sectors of economic activity: e-commerce, internet services, data processing and software production.

Campania first

Campania was the region that recorded the greatest increase in relative terms (+68.9%). After Campania, the most dynamic were three other regions of the South: Puglia (+49.2%), Abruzzo (+46.2%) and Sicily (+42.6%) testifying to the strong attraction of services linked to the digital economy for companies in the South, which increased overall by 50% in the period. In absolute terms, the fastest growth was mainly for companies operating in e-commerce services, which almost tripled compared to 10,383 to 37,008 units). This is followed by companies specializing in the production of software, the most numerous ever, reaching 55,178 in September 2022 compared to 43,996 at the beginning of the decade (+25.4% in the period).

The sectors

The companies in the data processing sector are also growing - according to the research - but at a slower pace than the others (+9% the cumulative increase achieved over the decade, which has brought this segment from just over 41,985 to 45,774 units). The only sector that shows a decline in the players in the field is that of companies operating in the supply of internet services, which decreased by 21.3% in the period considered.

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