here’s who gets the surcharges –

here's who gets the surcharges -


The payments of the universal single check are coming for the month of May. inclusive of amounts by way of final adjustment. INPS informs that payments including amounts by way of final adjustment are in progress. The sums due under the Single Universal Allowance (Auu), it is explained, have been integrated with amounts which, in most cases, show a credit in favor of families. An extra due to the adjustment of the ISEE, the recognition of the bonus at birth (seventh and eighth month of pregnancy) and the presence of people with disabilities, who are entitled to increased amounts starting from March 2022.

Single check: the amount

The recalculation of the Auu installments, necessary in the light of the changes in the regulatory framework, involved over 512,000 households and overall resulted in an additional disbursement of around 140 million euro, with an average credit per household of around 272 euros.

The sums to be returned

Recovery hypotheses amounts disbursed in excess of what is due are more limited and concern approximately 378,000 families, with a total amount of recoveries of 15 million euros. In these cases, the average amount of the sum to be repaid amounts to approximately 41 euros and will be paid in installments, the amount of which will in any case not exceed one fifth of the total debt. Users – explains INPS – will be informed of the change in the check with a text message and an e-mail message and will be able to learn more about the calculation methods by contacting the Contact Center or the Institute’s offices.


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