Santanchè, yes from the Government to an agenda for sanctions in Visibilia. Then he specifies: maximum confidence in the minister

Santanchè, yes from the Government to an agenda for sanctions in Visibilia.  Then he specifies: maximum confidence in the minister


More shocks in the majority on the case of Daniela Santanche the Minister of Tourism expected in the Senate on July 5 for the information (and not the question time as requested by the opposition) in which she will have to explain the many aspects raised by the journalistic investigation by Report on her activity as an entrepreneur.

The day opens with a new lunge from the League (the first to ask for clarifications but then softens the tone) which invites the exponent of the Brothers of Italy to “responsibility” in the event that “illegal” should emerge and closes with a twist: the government’s surprise go-ahead for an agenda of the Democratic Party for Labor, also voted in the House by the majority (with the exception of Us Moderates of Maurizio Lupi). Odg which commits the executive “to sanction operators who have fraudulently used” the Covid redundancy fund. Among these is explicitly mentioned «Visibilia Editore, at the time controlled with 48.6 percent of the shares by the senator».

Government statement

A vote which, as the hours go by, takes on the contours of a mess which the government itself is trying to remedy by reiterating, with an informal note, its full confidence in the minister and explaining that «the premises of the agenda are clearly instrumental because they report however, as a historical fact, press reports have already been denied by the person concerned and it is undisputed that no negative judgment is expressed on the work of the Minister of Tourism Santanché». The merit of the device obviously remains, which commits to adopting every useful initiative to strengthen controls on the inappropriate use of the extraordinary Covid fund.

The Democratic Party: Santanchè disheartened

The reading of the oppositions is different. Before the vote on the agenda, he spoke in the Chamber Arthur Scott explaining that the act of address concerned the company of minister Santanché, asking for her resignation in case it is ascertained that the accusations against her are true. “It is, in fact, a distrust of the minister, also dismissed by those who up to now defended her” is the comment of the vice president of the Democratic PartyClare Gribaudo which triggers the clarification of the Government.

«Thanks to the majority for having voted on the agenda on the use of Covid funds from the Visibilia company. It is a sign that the embarrassment on the question is also widespread in the majority» is the comment of the secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein.


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