Meloni speaks of “package logic” in the EU. But he risks the package

Meloni speaks of "package logic" in the EU.  But he risks the package


The confirmation of an Italian in the executive committee of the ECB, after the appointment of Panetta in the Bank of Italy, is not obvious (ask Spain). That of Franco at the EIB is even more in doubt. Then there is the Frankfurt Supervision. And finally the Pnrr. This is why, more than the electoral campaign, the prime minister will have to take care of the campaign in the institutions. And with the Mes you offer the pretext to those who want to veto Italy

To the curious force deputies, Antonio Tajani offers reassurances. “Panetta’s choice was thought through, we also discussed with him about replacing him on the board of the ECB. We are optimistic”. On the other hand, Giancarlo Giorgetti should take this much less for granted, who confides in his collaborators about the fact that the next European conquests are considered too easily achieved in the government. And perhaps this explains his reticence, his being shy with his majority colleagues, his avoidance of the government benches during Giorgia Meloni’s speech in the Chamber, to blend in with the benches of the League. “The prime minister speaks of package logic, but the economy minister knows that the package is at risk”, says Enzo Amendola.

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