Santanché-Visibilia case, the Milan prosecutor opens a new front: towards the hypothesis of aggravated fraud for the Covid cash register

Santanché-Visibilia case, the Milan prosecutor opens a new front: towards the hypothesis of aggravated fraud for the Covid cash register

A new judicial front opens for the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanché. The Milan Public Prosecutor's Office has opened a file on the story of the former Visibilia manager Federica Bottiglione, who said she worked for the group headed by the FdI senator despite being on zero-hour layoffs, using funds for the Cig during the Covid emergency. The woman, who had the important role of corporate affairs manager of the corporate group which is now in financial disarray, in recent months has told her story to the soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza and her testimony ended up on the table of the Milanese magistrates, who time they listened to the words of the former employee.

Santanchè, loves and dislikes

by Natalia Aspesi

In the background, as written today by the Fatto Quotidiano, there is the hypothesis of a crime of aggravated fraud against the State. According to what Repubblica has learned from judicial sources, the file followed by the prosecutor Maria Gravina and the deputy prosecutor Laura Pedio (who are already working on the other areas related to the minister) is currently a "model 45", therefore technically without any crime hypothesis or suspects . But the impression is that the investigation could soon take a leap forward, thus adding to the other troubles of the owner of the Meloni government tourism. And that the hypothesis of defrauding the State could be more than a shadow.
Interviewed by Report, Bottiglione publicly told her story. “I didn't know I was on layoffs at zero hours, I wasn't told,” she said. The former employee continued to work and his salary, which theoretically should have been lower precisely because of the "cash", remained the same thanks to the reimbursement of mileage expenses paid by the company which compensated for the lower income. In that same period, Bottiglione he also had a consultancy contract with the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa and, according to what she said, Santanché herself asked her to carry out tasks. The minister, during her report to Parliament, had instead ruled out that the employee had set foot in the company during the indicted period. A story being studied by the investigators of the Gdf.
This trend adds up to the investigation for false accounting and bankruptcy which sees six people under investigation in Milan, including Santanché, comrade Dimitri Kunz of Habsburg and his sister. Also in Visibilia-gate ended the strange story of the villa in Versilia purchased by Laura De Cicco, wife of La Russa, and her partner, for 2.45 million and resold, after almost an hour, to the entrepreneur Antonio Rapisarda for one million more. A maxi capital gain that led the Bank of Italy's special unit to draw up an SOS (suspicious transaction report) which was then sent to the Guardia di Finanza.
And again, the war remains open before the judges of the civil court after the complaint of some minority shareholders on the management of the Visibilia galaxy. In this case, in recent weeks, the Public Prosecutor's Office filed two expert opinions which highlight financial and budgetary irregularities in the company accounts. Finally, a proceeding is also underway before the judges of the bankruptcy court on the debts of various kinds accumulated by Visibilia. Santanché hopes that the Revenue Agency will approve the ten-year installment of a debt to the tax authorities of 1.2 million euros.

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