Donzelli assures: "No step back on the abuse of office and forward with the fiscal peace"

Donzelli assures: "No step back on the abuse of office and forward with the fiscal peace"

The deputy of the Brothers of Italy denies changes to the justice reform despite the criticisms and announces a "taxman friend of all and no amnesty"

"We have the most avant-garde anti-corruption law in Europe, even if we remove the abuse of office, other regulatory instruments remain to protect the PA". It is with these words, released during an interview with Corriere della Sera, that John Donzellideputy of the Brothers of Italy, denies any idea of ​​modification with respect to the cancellation of the abuse of office, envisaged in the new Nordio justice reform.

The abolition of the crime, considered fundamental by the government, has long been the subject of various criticisms. Last in chronological order is the statement by the president of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) Giuseppe Busia, “The crime of abuse of office must be pointed out, wrong to repeal it” he declared. However, despite the fact that they were also leaked in recent days doubts on the part of the QuirinaleDonzelli confirms the government's intention to go ahead on its own path, without fears about the risk of a possible misalignment with European legislation

The national head of the Brothers of Italy also speaks of the issue of "fiscal peace", a much-discussed topic after the declarations of the last few days by the minister Matteo Salvini. On tax matters Donzelli reassures: “There will be no forgiveness.". The government's goal through the instrument of fiscal delegation is to arrive at a comprehensive reform that makes the taxman "predictable and no longer vexatious" he says. To achieve this goal, the already launched idea of ​​the two-year preventive agreement, “Share first what you will have to pay for two years. But if you get smart, your money will be taken directly. You can't cheat." declares the deputy. He also announces a project of reduction of tax rates and burden: "With the Nadef balances we will also reduce the tax rates from 4 to 3. Making millions of Italians pay less taxes"

In closing Donzelli also comments on the health status of the majority, defending Nordio and denying distances on justice issues compared to the positions of Forza Italia and the minister himself. Finally, answering a question about case of Santanchè and on the appropriateness of the minister's resignation, he said: “It's not due, he gave the explanations to the Senate. If we stood behind the opposition we would all have to resign”

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