Santanchè case, the opposition calls for the resignation of the minister

Santanchè case, the opposition calls for the resignation of the minister


The oppositions attack Daniela Santancheafter the investigation of the telecast Reports on the management of the companies Visibilia and Ki Gruop spa. The current Minister of Tourism in the Meloni government is being challenged for financial operations with foreign funds which have contributed to creating damage to small shareholders, as well as a critical situation between unpaid suppliers, dismissed employees and still waiting for severance pay. All while golden rewards were still guaranteed for the directors. And at that stage, the companies were headed by Santanchè.

The Action leader demands clarification Charles Calenda: “These are not allegations that can be dropped on deaf ears,” he wrote on Twitter.

For the deputy and head of foreign affairs of the Democratic Party, Pepe Provenzano, “what is emerging about Daniela Santanchè is incompatible with just one more minute in the role of minister of the Republic. There are no alternatives: resignation. Giorgia Meloni does not keep silent, ensure the credibility of the institutions. You otherwise you are complicit in their discrediting. ” Agreed Antonio Misianimember of the secretariat of the Pd, and the deputy dem Deborah Serracchiani, responsible for Schlein’s party justice: “The minister should take a step back and resign. She, on the other hand, keeps silent and remains in her place. We expect a quick decision from the Prime Minister in the interests of the credibility of her own government “.

Comment on Twitter Enzo Amendola, deputy and leader of the Democratic Party in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber: “In the past we have seen members of the government resign for much less. How can Meloni ignore it?”

For the M5S he intervenes Chiara Appendino: “For two days we have been asking the minister to explain and clarify, giving her the benefit of the doubt. Minister of Tourism are the only possible epilogue, too Giorgia Meloni should take note.”

The national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianniparliamentarian of the Left Green Alliance, presses: “If someone hopes that the way out is oblivion, they are very wrong. If the minister escapes, the prime minister Meloni cannot and will not be able to do the same: turn away from “On the other hand, pretending nothing happened cannot be the solution. Parliament and public opinion in the country have the right to know how things are. Abroad, Santanche would have already dismissed her from the government”.


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