«An amnesty is useful for babies born with a surrogate uterus. The Cedu agrees with us, no more lies»- Corriere.it

«An amnesty is useful for babies born with a surrogate uterus.  The Cedu agrees with us, no more lies»- Corriere.it

The Minister for the Family, Natality and Equal Opportunities opens up the possibility of an amnesty for children born to couples who have resorted to gestation for others, once there is a law declaring surrogacy a universal crime

We need to distinguish those who have rented a uterus from women who haven't — they are already two different situations. However I think that we will have to think of a sort of amnesty. Once there is the new law for the prosecution of the rented uterus even for those who do it abroad, given that it is forbidden in Italy - fortunately -, it will be useful an amnesty that offers a legal solution for the children born thus far.

To say so, while recording de The Confession by Peter Gomez, which will be broadcast on Nove on Friday 23 June, was the minister for the family, the birth rate and equal opportunities Eugenia Rockella.

Roccella's words come a few hours after the request - made by the Prosecutor to the Court of Padua - di cancel the recognition of 33 children born to couples of mothersregistered by the mayor of the city Sergio Giordani starting from 2017. As explained here, however, in that case the children were not born thanks to surrogacy.

The minister's sentences do not seem to refer to a future amnesty for these cases (with children born thanks to the heterologous fertilization), but would instead refer only to children born thanks to gestation for others; and in those sentences, the amnesty would in any case follow the passage of a law establishing the practice of Gpa as a universal crime.

During the programme, Roccella also said that abortion is not a right: there is a law that guarantees women's freedom to choose even to the fullest. Abortion is a matter of great contradictions for women and still is today. Historical feminists, feminists of difference because there are so many currents, different expressions in feminism, have always said that it goes beyond the territory of law. For Rockella There is a law that guarantees access to abortion, but something different from the law itself. The right, if anything - if we really want to recognize a right - is the right to choose, that is, the right to motherhood as a free choice.

In a post on social media, Roccella then commented on the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights which, on Thursday 22 June, he declared the appeals presented by several Italian couples were inadmissible which they contested the refusal of the authorities to transcribe in the Registry registers birth certificates abroad of children legally conceived abroad through surrogacy.

Today the European Court of Human Rights rejected the appeals of homosexual and heterosexual Italian couples who complained of the failure to transcribe in our country the foreign birth certificates of children born with surrogate wombs, wrote Roccella. According to the Strasbourg court, the relationship of the children with the partner of the biological parent could have been fully guaranteed by the Italian rules on adoption, and it is the responsibility of the couples not to have resorted to it. what we have been saying for some time, especially after the recent sentences of the Cassation and the Constitutional Court on the matter, yet we have had to suffer many attacks and above all listen to many lies on the skin of children. All children in Italy have all rights, as single mothers know well and as today has once again been recognized in Europe. Will the lies end after today's sentence?

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