Green light to the basic text of the Mes in commission. But the majority don't show up

Green light to the basic text of the Mes in commission.  But the majority don't show up

The dem and Third Pole parliamentarians vote in favour, with the M5s, Verdi and the Italian Left abstaining. Braga (Pd): "The government refuses to give an opinion". Action: "Another embarrassing attempt at melina". Tajani's defense: "Forza Italia has reservations about the regulation of the Economic Stability Mechanism"

The ballet continues. After the short circuit between the Ministry of Economy and Palazzo Chigi which marked yesterday, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber has adopted the basic text of the Democratic Party for the ratification of the Mes. But the absence of the parliamentarians of the majority also made news: the dem deputies voted in favor together with those of the Third Pole while 5 stars, Verdi and the Italian Left abstained.

"A compact majority only in escaping from their responsibilities. The Foreign Affairs Commission deserts the Mes and the government refuses to give an opinion", he attacked immediately afterwards Clare Braga, Pd group leader in Montecitorio, underlining the uncertainties of the executive and of the parties that support him on the economic stability mechanism. "Yet another embarrassing attempt at melina set up by those who, in reality, attack the Mes because they do not tolerate the EU and have no interest in strengthening European solidarity mechanisms", commented Action in a note.

"We of the centre-right all behaved in the same way, we at Forza Italia have always said that we were in favor of using the Mes when there was the pandemic, then the Recovery plan arrived and the Mes was no longer neededwe have reservations not about the Mes as such, but about the Mes regulation, which is a regulation that does not place any control on the fund", replied Antonio Tajani instead to journalists, at the end of the assembly of the blue groups in the Chamber. For the foreign minister, "we risk that the larger states actually decide the strategy, while we have always asked for control by the European Parliament and the European Commission, as is the case with the ECB".

After a passage in the Budget Committee, the text will return to the Foreign Affairs Committee where the mandate for the rapporteur will be voted on, before arriving in the Chamber scheduled for 30 June. Provided that the majority does not cling to procedural loopholes to further delay the discussion of the bill in Montecitorio.

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