Patrick Zaki is free: "Eager to get back to life"

Patrick Zaki is free: "Eager to get back to life"

in Egypt

The researcher was released by the Egyptian authorities after the pardon of President al Sisi. "I hope to return to Italy soon", he said as soon as he got out of prison

Egyptian researcher Patrick Zaki is finally a free man. Released by the New Mansura police headquarters, he was able to embrace his mother Hala, his sister Marise, his father George and his girlfriend Reny Iskander outside.

"I am finally free, impatient to return to life and I hope to return to Italy soon," he said Zaki just out of the building. The activist then thanked all the people who worked for one diplomatic solution to the affair, then the city of Bologna and the rector of the University, "a community of which I feel lucky to be a part, because they have been dealing with" the case for years now".

The former student was sentenced on Tuesday a three years in prison for spreading false news at the end of a long and exhausting process that began in 2019. Yesterday evening, the Egyptian president al Sisi decided to grant him a pardon, which therefore now returns to freedom. "I was a little depressed, it's been intense days, but luckily I'm free now," Zaki told the microphones that were waiting for him outside the prison.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani returned to the Zaki case again today. To the microphones of Radio24, the president of Forza Italia denied the hypotheses about a alleged "barter" between the release of the researcher in exchange for silence on the Regeni case. "No bartering, no under-the-table negotiations. The government was able to get a young researcher back to Italy who risked spending some time in prison. We managed to achieve this result. Then you can say what you want. We are serious people, we don't do bartering of this type", said Tajani. Come on Regeni he adds: "We will continue to ask for light to be shed on the matter as we have always done".

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