Pact on migrants, Poland and Hungary oppose: the agreement at the EU summit is skipped

Pact on migrants, Poland and Hungary oppose: the agreement at the EU summit is skipped


THE sovereign leaders they block the European Council until very late. And the agreement jumps. Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawieski, the presidents of Hungary and PolandPoland and Hungary say no to the pact on migrants, they want to change the rules, they are against the rule that provides for mandatory relocation or economic compensation for opposing countries. The works are thus updated to date.

It was a very delicate negotiation, with dramatic tones (“We fight and we resist together”, Orban’s staff let us know at one point), which breaks the axis of the Conservatives. Why Giorgia Meloni it’s somewhere else.

In fact, Italy has already voted for that agreement during the summit of interior ministers twenty days ago. Everyone, in this match, is pursuing a “national interest”. But it’s a short circuit. That embarrasses the Prime Minister. Meloni tries to mediate but remains in the position of the majority of EU countries.

Orban and Moraviewski, on the other hand, ask that the regulation already passed be modified and that in any case the principle of unanimity be introduced for the next steps, with an explicit mention already in the conclusions of the European Council.

Moments of tension within a summit during which Meloni demonstrated a sudden metamorphosis. The issue of migrants – which during the day had seemed like a happy landing place – despite the narratives of the Italian government, remains a very complicated dossier. As seen late in the evening and into the night. And that is what ultimately blocks the work of the European Council.

With Italy in an awkward position which becomes evident when the issue of the asylum regulation is addressed. Poland and Hungary, countries led by conservative leaders close to Meloni and allies in the upcoming European elections, on the one hand. The Italian prime minister from another. In the run-up to Meloni’s move to Warsaw. A mission that promises to be more embarrassing than expected.


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