The Di Maio-Tajani meeting in Brussels becomes a diplomatic psychodrama

The Di Maio-Tajani meeting in Brussels becomes a diplomatic psychodrama

Tensions and distinctions to organize the face-to-face meeting between the EU envoy in the Gulf and the foreign minister: it was not he who received me, but I who saw him

by our correspondent in Brussels

Complicated bilateral, weeks to organize it. And a poisonous final tail to restore the weights on the field: it is not he who has received me, but I who have met him.

We are not talking about Biden and Xi, but about the Di Maio-Tajani face-to-face in Brussels. Here they are together, finally. The Foreign Minister and his predecessor who in the meantime became the EU envoy in the Gulf (complete with a new Twitter account in which he also writes in Arabic: unmissable) against the wishes of the Forza Italia big man.

Finally the photo was there. And so the two met, it was time. They said that Tajani did not want to host Di Maio at the Farnesina so as not to give him too much honor. And so on the occasion of the blitz by the blue deputy prime minister in Brussels on the occasion of the EPP summit, the summit, or mini-summit as you prefer, slipped away. The news was given by Di Maio. With lots of photos and captions to describe this Belgian coffee. The vis à vis finally took place at the Italian embassy. "Exchange dedicated to how the EU and its member states can effectively support de-escalation in the Gulf region and elevate the EU partnership with their respective countries. I look forward to working with the Foreign Ministry in Team Europe ", the former grillino finally wrote on Twitter after a long diplomatic negotiation. The mess then broke out when the news agencies were forced to break the news. The first title was "Di Maio receives Tajani". But the protest came from Rome, in the Farnesina area: it was not Di Maio who received him, but Tajani who met him. And then remove the title, put the new title.

  • Simone Canettieri

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