Overwhelmed by the Taormina case and by De Luca’s invectives: Schifani now risks the thud

Overwhelmed by the Taormina case and by De Luca's invectives: Schifani now risks the thud


These are hard times for Sicily and above all for Renato Schifani. A few days ago, after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, it was Minister Antonio Tajani who rebuked the governor of Forza Italia for having asked for more space for the leaders of the South (“those who get the votes”) at the top of the party: “I don’t believe in personalities but in people” the head of the Farnesina had opposed. The new threat, however, comes from within. From the corridors of the Regional Assembly, deserted until a few days ago, which have returned to being repopulated for the discussion of a corrective budget manoeuvre. And to (attempt to) approve an amendment of clear “enemy” inspiration: the one that provides for the participation of the Municipalities in the profits of the archaeological parks managed by the Region.

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