Meloni postpones the Council of Ministers for “personal commitments”. The appointment of the flood commissioner and the rules on the highway code are skipped

Meloni postpones the Council of Ministers for "personal commitments".  The appointment of the flood commissioner and the rules on the highway code are skipped


Giorgia Meloni postpones the Council of Ministers which was scheduled for today at 17. The news arrives in the early afternoon, disclosed by sources in Palazzo Chigi, who motivate the postponement with “personal commitments” of the Prime Minister. Of course we only know that the government meeting has been moved to next Tuesday at 6 pm. There are dossiers on the table that are not insignificant, from the rules on post-flood reconstruction in Emilia Romagna to the road safety bill wanted by the minister and Northern League secretary Matthew Salvini. Meloni puts everyone on hold and disappoints those who expected the appointment of the reconstruction commissioner for today. He cancels all engagements, except for the face-to-face meeting at 4 pm in the seat of government with the president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

However, the postponement of the CDM is not painless. Due to expiring regional laws, the executive is forced to convene a meeting without the premier at 5.30 anyway. And beyond the official reason for the postponement, the decision amazes the parliamentarians of the majority, because it comes after days of high tension. Starting with the clash, all within the center-right, which took place on the Mes in the Chamber and on the Labor decree in the Senate.

Two issues that have created quite a few discontent. In fact, the premier, together with the parties that support the executive, has always built a wall against the European state-saving fund (Italy is the only EU country that has not yet ratified it). And the fact that the Ministry of Economy – led by the Northern League Giorgetti – has essentially praised the mechanism, has done nothing but make the premier nervous and embarrass the Carroccio, firmly opposed to the Mes. Until today’s decision not to participate in the vote in the commission and to promote a substantial postponement.

The second question concerns the mess that took place yesterday on the Labor decree: due to the lack of two deputies from Forza Italia, the majority went under in the vote in the commission. An incident declassified by the majority but which was read by the opposition as a sign of weakness of the government structure.


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