OpenAI, hearing in the Chamber: "We support the EU rules. AI will cancel tasks, not jobs"

OpenAI, hearing in the Chamber: "We support the EU rules. AI will cancel tasks, not jobs"

OpenAi supports the European proposal on Artificial Intelligence. "We believe that democratic governments must regulate this sector, it cannot be guaranteed that technology benefits everyone without a regulatory framework". This is what Anna Makanju, Head of Public Policy at OpenAI, the creator of ChatGpt, said in hearing at the Supervisory Committee on the documentation activity of the Artificial Intelligence of the Chamber, chaired by the Vice-President Anna Ascani.

Makanju, after having illustrated the technologies and potential of artificial intelligence systems, admitted during the question session: “The first time I saw our chatbot I was scared. Then I realized that our technology will cancel tasks but not jobs". Then he added: "We do not use the data for commercial purposes, our model is safe, it took us six months to set up ChatGpt4 correctly".

The hearing, after the one held by OpenAi in the US Senate, is the first of the American company in a European Parliament. And it comes two months after the restoration of ChatGpt in Italy after the suspension due to the findings of the Privacy Guarantor. "I know there are open points in the EU AI Act, but the latest draft of the European Parliament seems to be going in the right direction - added Makanju - we will better reflect on how to give specific implementation, understand how the AI ​​Act will work in different uses of artificial intelligence, also for the tools that are generated from these models". "I know that in the EU there are concerns about the use and abuse of personal data", he then observed, adding that OpenAi does not use user data for profiling or identification purposes: "The information is only used to train the chatbot and is deleted after a maximum of 30 days."

In conclusion of the hearing, Anna Ascani commented on the intervention, and the impact that AI can have on our society: "Generative AI, for the first time, impacts not only on repetitive work but also on creative work "Technology must be conceived as a support to man and not as a substitute. I am sure that OpenAi will be able to collaborate to provide more details and more transparency on how it develops its models, for the benefit of all".

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