On WhatsApp you can now chat with unknown numbers without entering them in the address book

On WhatsApp you can now chat with unknown numbers without entering them in the address book

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that makes it easier to start chats with strangers by looking up their phone numbers directly, without having to store them in your address book. Thus the interaction with never used numbers will be easier and more respectful of privacy.

Since the first versions of the messaging app, users have encountered certain restrictions when trying to start a chat with someone without first saving their contact information, resulting in the popularity of third-party apps such as click-to-chat. With this feature, it simplifies the process for users, allowing them to start conversations without the need to save contacts in the address book.

As seen in the screenshot above, WhatsApp will search outside of your contact list whenever you enter a phone number into the application that you don't already know. To understand if the function is available on your WhatsApp account, you can try to search for a phone number by accessing your contact lists. For WhatsApp for iOS users, tap the "start new chat" button in the chat list and enter the unknown phone number into the search bar. If the contact uses WhatsApp, you will be able to start the chat right away. This feature is not limited to the iOS app but is also present in the latest version for Android.


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It is a feature that has been requested for some time by users, and marks a major change in the way WhatsApp can be used. In fact, there is no longer any need to memorize contacts in the address book when incoming calls from unknown numbers, to then be able to recognize them by consulting the profile photos. And, again for privacy, saving an unknown contact means allowing him access to view the user's profile picture. The novelty therefore represents a step forward in the user experience of the messaging system; if anything, the question is why it didn't come sooner.


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