«No difference between hetero or homo couples. We will prosecute those who forge children's transcription documents»- Corriere.it

«No difference between hetero or homo couples.  We will prosecute those who forge children's transcription documents»- Corriere.it

Of Alessandra Arachi

The exponent of FdI and chairman of the Justice Commission of the Chamber: "There is time to approve the law by the summer"

Ciro Maschio, FdI, at what point is the law on surrogacy a universal crime? You are the chairman of the Justice Committee in the Chamber, is there turmoil in the vote on the amendments?

«The confrontation is heated, normal on such a delicate topic. But until now it has never degenerated. There are thirteen votes left to be examined by the commission, then a mandate will be given to the rapporteur to bring the bill to the classroom».

The speaker is Carolina Varchi, FdI, first signatory of the bill: she said that this will be approved in the House by June. Do you agree?

"The times are actually there."

And for the approval of the entire law, what time frame does it envisage?

«In theory, it can be approved in two to three months, or rather by the summer».

But in two three months we arrive in September.

«Summer ends on September 21st. Then by now the August break of the Parliament has become increasingly shorter.

Is the text of this bill the same as the one Giorgia Meloni had presented in the previous legislature?


Some constitutionalists have raised a constitutional profile, arguing that it is not possible to make a crime in our country a practice formed abroad where it is not a crime.

“For us, the rule is absolutely legitimate. Furthermore, practicing the rented uterus in a country where it is permitted and then returning to Italy where it is illegal is a way of circumventing the Italian legal system where the practice is explicitly prohibited by law 40 of 2004. For this reason, the Italian legal system can intervene ».

Most of the couples who practice surrogacy abroad are heterosexual couples, how do you plan to intervene on them?

"Our law makes no distinction between homosexual or heterosexual couples."

But how do you plan to intervene on heterosexual couples? Unlike homoparental motherhood, there is no evidence of the practice of surrogacy.

“The birth certificates are recorded. We are against the automatic registration of a child born from a surrogacy. And, I repeat, we are for hetero couples and homo couples. Hetero couples can also falsify the data at the time of transcription, but in this case they would be doubly sanctioned ».

It is a theme that is very dear to this majority.

“It's such an important topic. Not only because a market that involves the poorest women: in India the rental uterus market is two billion dollars a year. But it is the violence that is absurd. The double violence: the child who is torn from his mother. And the mother who is seen tearing the child she is carrying. The Cassation in joint section in 2022 citing the Constitutional Court of 2017 reiterated that this practice "intolerably offends the dignity of women and deeply undermines human relationships".

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May 25, 2023 (change May 25, 2023 | 3:58 pm)

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