Political polls: FdI and Pd in ​​parallel rise in Supermedia-Youtrend, M5S down

Political polls: FdI and Pd in ​​parallel rise in Supermedia-Youtrend, M5S down

Both FdI and Pd are growing: on the eve of the municipal ballots, the Supermedia Agi/Youtrend shows a small repositioning of voters with the two main majority and opposition parties showing a positive sign, both around half a percentage point. The prime minister's party stands at 29.3%, confirming its primacy over the Democratic Party, the second party with 20.7%.

The other parties are substantially stable, albeit with a very slight drop: M5S, in particular, loses 0.2. The return of Silvio Berlusconi on the political scene it does not revive Forza Italia, which remains below 7%, still losing a tenth of a point. Action and Italia Viva, tormented by the clash between the two leaders Charles Calenda And Matthew Renziare not affected in terms of satisfaction: Action still has an advantage of more than one point in the dispute for the Third Pole, despite the robberies recorded in recent days.

And at the coalition level, the starting point of the dem is not in fact supported by the other symbols: the centre-left grows by only 0.3% compared to the half point gained by the centre-right driven by the party of Giorgia Meloni.

Supermedia lists

FDI 29.3% (+0.4)
PD 20.7% (+0.5)
M5S 15.9% (-0.2)
Alloy 9.0% (-0.1)
Forza Italia 6.8% (-0.1)
Share 4.3% (=)
Italy Long live 3.0% (=)
Greens/Left 2.9% (=)
+Europe 2.1% (-0.1)
Italexit 2.1% (=)
Popular Union 1.5% (+0.2)
We Moderates 1.0% (+0.1)

Supermedia coalitions 2022

Centre-right 46.2% (+0.5)
Centre-left 25.7% (+0.3)
M5S 15.9% (-0.2)
Third Pole 7.2% (-0.1)
Italexit 2.1% (=)
Others 2.9% (-0.5)

Supermedia Agi/YouTrend is a weighted average of national polls on voting intentions. Today's weighting, which includes surveys carried out between 11 and 24 May, was carried out on 25 May on the basis of sample size, the date of creation and the data collection method. The surveys considered were carried out by the institutes Euromedia (date of publication: 24 May), Noto (19 May), Piepoli (24 May), Quorum (22 May), SWG (15 and 22 May) and Tecnè (13 and 20 May ). The detailed methodological note of each survey considered is available on the official website www.sondaggipoliticoelettorali.it. (AGI) Adi

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