Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a fight in the ring. And he accepted: “Tell me where we are”

Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a fight in the ring.  And he accepted: "Tell me where we are"


“Tell me where to come”, understood as “Tell me where I have to come to beat you up”: Mark Zuckerberg thus responded, in a Story on his Instagram profile, to the duel challenge that Elon Musk launched him via Twitter.

Waiting to understand if and where will this fight take place between the two, let’s go in order and try to understand how we got here.

The news

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The challenge launched on Twitter and collected on Instagram

In the Italian night, just before dawn, Musk replied to a tweet that spoke of Meta’s intention to create its own versions of Twitter, by opening the Channels on both WhatsApp and Instagram: “I’m ready for a cage fight if he feels like it.” Here the “he” refers to Zuckerberg, mentioned in the initial tweet.

In short: partly joking and partly not, Musk said to himself ready to fight Zuck in typical mixed martial arts styletherefore with the contenders closed in a cage, from which they cannot get out until one of the two has been defeated.

The Net did the rest: the news of the challenge has evidently reached Zuckerberg’s ears, who shared a Story on Instagram in which, superimposed on a piece of Musk’s conversation with a follower, there was only a sign that read “Send me Location”. Let me know where I need to introduce myself.

Has Musk backed down? Obviously not: to those who pointed out the answer of Meta’s number one, he replied with a simple “Vegas Octagon”, which is a regulation arena (this) recognized by the UFC. And that therefore should be the location chosen for the clash.

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Who will win between Musk and Zuckerberg?

It could be the location, unless the owner of Twitter backs down: over time, he has already challenged both Lukashenko to a duelPresident of Belarus, especially Vladimir Putinwhich in March 2022 proposed to decide the fate of the war in Ukraine with a fight.

This time it’s different, though. Not only because the challenged accepted, but also because the challenged risks making him repent of his boldness. He risks playing them for her, as they say: Musk is 51 years old, has previously recounted having been “involved in real street fights” and is physically bigger than Zuckerberg. And yet not exactly fitas someone pointed out to him on Twitter and how we could check during his recent visit to Italy. On the other hand (indeed, in the other corner of the ring) Zuckerberg is 39 years oldpractices jujitsu with moderate success, is learning the rules of MMA and said he did the Murph, a very demanding workout, in less than 40 minutes.

Now Musk has no choice but to step back, not keep yet another promise and lose face, or else use his secret move: “His name is The Walrus, I sit on top of my opponent and do nothing”. As he explained himself on Twitter, evidently in an attempt to send everything upside down.



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