Mr. Rixi's Transport. Portrait of Salvini's pragmatic deputy minister

Mr. Rixi's Transport.  Portrait of Salvini's pragmatic deputy minister

Genoese, a man of the sea but also of the mountains, councilor in the Toti junta, former deputy minister with Toninelli. Here is who is the deputy of the leader of the League who makes it difficult for his boss to make the ministry a stage

“Me at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport? Edward Rixi he'd do better than me." Whether or not they were famous last words, fate willed the leader of the League Matthew Salvinicontrary to his desired original (Ministry of the Interior, a position already held in the past), but with the fixed idea of ​​the bridge over the Strait in mind and with Rixi next to him, the current deputy minister in charge of Ports and Sustainable Mobility who, with work and presence "as a Northern League in some way Christian Democrat", jokes a center-right deputy, makes it more difficult for Salvini to intermittently transform (via Twitter) the ministry into a stage. In short, it seems that in the days of grandeur on the theme "Bridge over the Strait", prior to those of mourning for the death of Silvio Berlusconi, Rixi worked hard to transform the minister's media-political launches in advance into a "table" - in the sense of a working table, "from which if he is present, you don't get up”, they tell Montecitorio, “until you find an outline of agreement”.

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