Mes, the latest news | Salvini: “Perfect harmony with Giorgetti”

Mes, the latest news |  Salvini: "Perfect harmony with Giorgetti"


«Parliament decides on the Mes. If the discussion arrives in Parliament, there will be a vote. That of the Ministry of Economy is a technical opinion». This was stated by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Matthew Salvini, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the construction site of the metro C station in Piazza Venezia. And meanwhile the governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignatius Visco, is located in Palazzo Chigi. The prime minister is at work Giorgia Meloni. And the Economy Minister has also recently arrived at Palazzo Chigi Giancarlo Giorgetti.

Matteo Salvini explained: «Technically one can deal with what the public budget is, then politically the whole center-right, from Meloni to myself, has always believed that at this moment the Mes is not a useful tool for the country. Yesterday I was at lunch with Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti – he continued – we talked about this and much more and we are in perfect harmony» and he added that that of the MEF’s chief of staff is «a technical answer. Giorgetti is a politician, as I am and if he arrives in Parliament we will vote for him in a political way. Right now I prefer that the Italian public debt be in the hands of the Italians and the BTPs, which have collected 18 billion in investments from small Italian savers, are the way of the future. I prefer that my country’s public debt with which I build the subways is in the hands of Italian savers and not foreign subjects who can then decide what to do. So that’s the technical answer: when and if the vote arrives in Parliament, the League will vote as it has always stated».

A new meeting of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chamber is scheduled for today at 2.30 pm with the theme of the Mes at the center. There will be a vote: one of the two texts, that of the Democratic Party or that of Iv, will go to the Chamber, the majority will abandon the work or abstain. The dossier will then be brought to the attention of the hemicycle, as scheduled, on June 30, when the hearing of Economy Minister Giorgetti in the Commission will be requested and the postponement of the vote until after the summer.

“That of the Ministry of Economy was a technical opinion,” said the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Salvini, referring to the letter from the MEF’s chief of staff. “The technical position is one thing, politics is one thing,” underlined the group leader of the League in the Chamber of Deputies Molinari.

Mariastella Gelmini, Senator and spokesperson for Action: «There are some contradictions within the majority and they have emerged forcefully on the Mes. It is surreal that it was the chief cabinet of the Mef and not the opposition who brought down all the propaganda of the majority on the Mes. The fact that this majority does not decide to ratify the Mes is a problem for the country. And it is also a problem for the Ministry of the Economy».

The 5 Star Movement is also against the ratification of the Mes. «We are against the Mes instrument because it has conditionalities that destroy countries. We will definitely not vote in favour,” said the M5S MP, Michele Gubitosa. Fibrillation also in the opposition. «The 5-star Movement makes it known that it thinks like Giorgia Meloni about the Mes and will not vote for it. At the right moment, once again the populist and anti-European soul of the grillini emerges. What does the Democratic Party say? Is there still anyone who wants to talk about the broad field with the 5-star movement? » writes the national coordinator of Italia Viva and president of the Action-Italia Viva group in the Senate on Twitter Raphael Paita.


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