Here is Salvini's highway code: close to cell phones and alcohol while driving

Here is Salvini's highway code: close to cell phones and alcohol while driving

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License suspension for those who drive after taking drugs and for those who use the phone while driving: for repeat offenders, definitive revocation of the licence. But also rules to protect those who travel by bike or scooter: the new government rules

The revision of the Highway Code arrives today in the Council of Ministers, announced by the Minister of Infrastructure, Matthew Salvini, a few days after the tragic car accident in Casalpalocco in Rome, in which a five-year-old boy lost his life. From the new rules for "novice drivers" - that is, all those who have obtained their driving license for less than three years - to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, up to guarantees for cyclists and for those traveling scooter, there are numerous regulatory areas on which the government will intervene.

As for new drivers, "for the first three years they will not be able to drive large-engined cars", Salvini anticipated on the sidelines of the Assarmatori meeting: currently the limit is set at twelve months. However, the most important novelty of the bill that will be made official today is the extension of the infringements for which the suspension of the license is envisaged: it will be triggered for those who are caught driving after taking drugs, for those who use the phone while driving or, more generally, "for all behaviors that generate a statistically high accident rate", such as driving against the traffic.

Also for driving while intoxicated due to the intake of alcohol - for which the suspension of the license is already contemplated - some containment measures are envisaged. "For repeat offenders with the use of alcohol and drugs there will be the definitive revocation of the license", Salvini always announced: in reality, the so-called life sentence of the driving license will probably only be applied in cases of more serious accidents. In general, the use of the "alcohol lock" will be implemented, the tool that blocks the engine from starting if the alcohol level is higher than permitted.

Finally, "there will be rules to protect cyclists to avoid overtaking without a meter and a half of space", with the obligation for scooters to have "helmets, license plates, insurance". Salvini then alluded to the possibility of exceeding the 130 km/h limit on the motorway, in sections where there is a "reduced accident rate".

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