Meloni's transversality forces the Democratic Party to deal with a new problem

Meloni's transversality forces the Democratic Party to deal with a new problem

The important and by no means obvious speech given yesterday morning by Giorgia Meloni at the CGIL congress in Rimini confronted the bewildered eyes of the government's opponents with a political reality that is as difficult to admit as it is impossible to deny. The theme is simple: but by dint of considering everything the government is doing as far-right, how many battles on the left is the left giving away to the right? Giorgia Meloni, evidently, must be aware of this contradiction and the spirit with which she faced the CGIL audience yesterday reflects this reversal of reality well. It is we, Meloni said, who really want to defend the rights of the weakest, and this tax reform is designed primarily for them. It is we, Meloni said, who really want to defend women from all forms of violence, and the fact that she is the first female prime minister to say so gives the proclamation a different value than in the past. It is we, Meloni said again, who want to defend the rights of workers, stating that we want to bet, with her government, not on the right to citizenship income for everyone but on the right to work for everyone. It is we, Meloni finally reiterated, who really want to defend small entrepreneurs, oppressed by an obsessive state that makes life difficult for them every day. Meloni, in essence, understood that the end of the political transversality of the Democratic Party represents a golden opportunity for the right who dreams of moving from a party more pivotal to the nation than from a pivotal party of a single coalition and the presentation of the tax reform, after all, it did nothing but confirm this impression, considering that on at least four points, the tax reform by Meloni coincides perfectly with the tax reform by Draghi, born in turn from a text born thanks to the work of the old Budget commission led by Luigi Marattin, a reform praised in the last legislature also by the Pd. It applies to the overcoming of IRAP, with the abolition for partnerships and replacement with IRES surcharges for joint-stock companies. It applies to the change of taxation on financial income, with the choice of unifying some categories in order to allow compensations. This also applies to the three-rate personal income tax reform, an old battle of the left. And lastly, it applies to the VAT reform, with the rationalization of the number of rates. The Democratic Party, considering the tax reform of the Meloni government the result of the worst political culture coming from the extremist right, has therefore chosen to give some of its historic battles to the right and it is a choice that is in line with other equally historic battles that the center-left has involuntarily chosen to place in the hands of the government right. Think about the issue of guaranteesfor example, and regardless of what Nordio will do, with its announced reforms, it can be said that the Movement 5 Schlein, ops, has chosen, from its very first steps, to consider the defense of guarantees as a more right-wing battle than of left.

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